Eddie Hobbs

Eddie provides one to one advice on diversified global investment strategies as MD of Financial Development and Marketing Ltd which is regulated by the Central Bank, the Terms of Business for which are here.

For a FREE copy of Eddie’s Wealth Preservation Report and 2016 outlook and ideas about how to reposition corporate reserves, windfalls, inheritances, lottery winnings and pension funds, or for private wealth reviews, email here, with a brief outline of what’s on
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Eddie Links up With Mount Street Group

Understandably we deal mostly with long established private clients and can only occasionally take on new clients. That’s why we refer all others to Mount Street Group, a firm regulated by The Central Bank of Ireland and managed by an experienced team of professionals. Mount Street Group will establish a direct relationship with you under its Terms of Business.

For Trolls

Over the noughties I published many articles and four books, including LOOT!, written in West Cork Summer 2005. Chapter 7 WARNING is here and captures the big themes beginning with a warning about balance sheets with more than 50% gearing, bank bursts, credit ratings etc.
Click to View PDF. To read How NOT to invest in property click to view.  To read the chapters on how to invest in property click to view and click to view.  Within weeks of the Lehmann Collapse I wrote Debtbusters click to view  and dealt with the wave of depressive illness click to view.  Book royalties went to Jack & Jill.

In Autumn 2006 for 8.30 pm entertainment slot RTE asked for a humorous count down on SSIA maturities. Here is the full text, "30 Things" the piss take on investing in overseas property, the warning on an Irish crash complete with the Minsky Bubble and focus on gold. TV3 Q Feb 09 predicting a USA economic recovery signalled by imminent stock market lift which occurred in April. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avK2AWaPJrk.